EFT Couples Intensives 

A couples intensive is a highly concentrated form of couples therapy. The intensive takes place over the course of two days allowing couples the opportunity to do an accelerated deep dive into the heart of the matters causing distress and disconnection. The advantage of a couples intensive is that it essentially covers 10-12 couples appointments in just two days. 

The initial goals of Emotion Focused Therapy couples intensive are the same, as you would get in couples therapy, but at an accelerated pace. After completing an intensive the goal is for the couple to understand their pattern of conflict in a new way, be able to catch this negative disconnecting cycle it in action and stop it, and begin to have some basic skills on how each partner can personally begin to maneuver differently in those (normal) conflicting situations which result in securing the bond. 

Who would benefit from a couple intensive? 

Who would not benefit from a couples intensive?

It is important to note couples intensives are very rarely a “one and done, fix it all.” Due to this reality and the overall goal of repairing and strengthening a couples bond, I will only schedule a couples intensive if a plan for follow up care is in place. Follow up care can vary from couple-to-couple. Cindy will explore various follow up care options with couples while deciding if this is an appropriate form of therapy. 

I only provide EFT Couples Intensives in-person. I do not provide this service virtually. 


Step 1- Fill Out An Inquiry Form 

Tell us more about your relationship and what you are hoping to achieve in this intensive by answering these brief questions. This inquiry form will help determine if an intensive format is best for your relationship. 

Step 2- Book A Free Virtual Consult 

After completing the inquiry form, Cindy will reach out to schedule a free virtual consultation. This is an opportunity for you and your parter to meet Cindy, share what your hopes are for the intensive and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 3- Schedule the Intensive

If you, your partner and Cindy all decide it's a "Yes, for an intensive," then you will work together to schedule the intensive along with a 50% deposit. Once the dates are booked, it will then be your job to clear off your work schedule, arrange child care if needed and be ready to show up. The total cost of the intensive is $3000. 

    What you expect from an EFT  Couples Intensive