Premarital / Newlyweds Therapy

A wedding is a day... a marriage is built across a lifetime.

Yes wedding planning can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience so planning for your future marriage can often get overlooked. The absolute best thing you can do right now is give yourself, your partner, and your future marriage the gift of a strong foundation. Research shows that couples who participate in premarital counseling are 31% less likely to divorce. Premarital counseling is not designed to decide whether or not you should get married, instead it helps you begin to lay a solid foundation which you can build the rest of your married life upon. Invest into the premarital process of exploring healthy communication tools, building a safe and secure bond, and start having marriage strengthening conversations now.

These premarital counseling packages are designed for any marriage- first, second or third, any age, any orientation.

Already married? Maybe you already said "I do," but are still wanting to engage in couples therapy to help you begin laying a firm foundation to last you and your spouse a lifetime. The "Tying the Knot" and "Going to the Chapel" packages are available to couples who have been married two years or less.

Tying the Knot Package includes 8 sessions that follows a psychoeducation curriculum based upon attachment science (aka the science of love) but sessions are also highly individualized to meet the needs of the unique couple. The couple will complete the online premarital SYMBIS Assessment and results will be discussed and processed together. Session topics will include: the understanding of adult bonding, marital expectations, communication, embracing differences, emotional and physical intimacy, finances, personality similarities and differences, marital expectations, creating rituals and traditions and more. Included within the cost of the program, 8 in-person modules (up to 90 minutes per module), 2 couples workbooks, the online SYMBIS Premarital Assessment ($35 value) and a Communication for Connection Mat ($140 value). Package Cost: $1600, paid in full at first session.

Going to the Chapel Package includes the same agenda and resources as the "Tying the Knot Package" through an added faith-based (Christianity) lens. Embrace how attachment science aligns with God's vision of marriage. Package Cost: $1600, paid in full at first session.

The Honeymooners Package is for couples who completed either the "Before 'I do' Package" or "Going To the Chapel Package" and are looking for extended support throughout their first year or so of marriage. This package includes 6 in-person sessions (up to 90 minutes per session) which can be used ad hoc. Most couples choose to meet for check-ins every two months for the first year of marriage. Package Cost: $1000, paid in full at first session.

Premarital counseling can also be contracted on a pay-as-you-go basis. Rates will be based upon the current therapy hour (50 minute) rate for couples counseling. To find current rates, go to "services," then scroll down to "couples therapy."

There is flexibility in scheduling the premarital packages. They can completed in a 2-day format or broken into individual appointments. Cindy is happy try to accommodate and meet your scheduling needs.

Interested? Email Cindy Nelson at to schedule a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to do a quick meet and greet session and answer any questions you may have before committing to any of the above packages.

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