Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions will be based upon the principles and theory of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Cognitive therapy is based on the belief that certain ways of thinking can trigger particular problems and our emotional experiences. Behavioral therapy aims to change any unhelpful behaviors which may be helping to maintain a problem. Therefore, CBT is a mixture of both cognitive and behavioral therapies. They are combined because how we behave often reflects how we think about certain things or situations and our emotional responses.

What will sessions look like? Therapy starts with an intake assessment, which typically lasts 60-75 minutes. This is an opportunity for the client to share about their presenting concerns. Following this initial session, together the client and I will work together to come to a shared understanding on how the problem is affecting the client's thoughts, feelings, behaviors, relationships and daily living activities. From this shared understanding, together we will then agree upon goals for making change. To reach these goals for change, therapy will then include various evidence-based strategies and out-of-session homework tasks. It is important to note that some forms of therapy are unstructured, but in cognitive behavioral therapy we will set an agenda for each meeting in an attempt to make therapy short-term.

I value the therapeutic relationship and provide genuine warmth, empathy and nonjudgmental acceptance. I will seek to understand your point of view while encouraging and challenging you to reach your goals. I am dedicated to walking alongside you during your process of growth.

Our relationship will be professional, not personal. Contact will be limited to only counseling sessions. I assure you that all services will be rendered in a professional manner consistent with all ethical codes of conduct.