Couples Therapy

Have you ever wondered how you went from being lovers on the altar to now distant, disconnected, defensive partners who are uncertain of where your future is heading? Or maybe, you and your partner are just starting to notice communication problems bubbling up. Helping couples reconnect, repair and grow together is a personal passion of mine. I have personally experienced the heartache that can come from marital distress and found myself fighting (literally) for my own marriage. Helping restore marriages is not only a professional service I offer, but a personal mission to give back to lovers who are struggling.

I provide Emotion Focused Therapy, the gold standard for couples therapy. Together we will take the time to figure out the negative “dances” (patterns) you and your partner have fallen into and then in our sessions we will begin to change the “music” and literally experience the rebuilding of you and your partner's connection.

The average couple waits seven years until they finally get help. Please don’t wait a minute longer, there is hope for your marriage. I have walked in the trenches and know the pain, fear and despair that can come from brokenness. With hard work and commitment there is hope for rebuilding your marriage into the safe haven you both long for.

Couples therapy is not appropriate for couples in which an active intimate third party person is still involved, domestic violence is occurring, or there is unaddressed substance abuse.

I only accept private pay for couples therapy. Click on "services" to see current session fees. Insurance companies require three things for billing: a single identified client, a mental health diagnosis, and an evidenced treatment that treats the diagnosed mental health problem. In couples therapy, the couple is the client and the appropriate diagnosis for a "couples problem" is Z63.0 which is unfortunately not covered by insurance companies. Under these current conditions, ethically, I have come to the conclusion that I can not bill insurance companies for couples therapy.